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the All-in-One Assistant Coach
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the program For Your Team

Opti will provide off-ice training plans to choose from.

Plans are completely customizable by you:
- game-day, practice-day or off-day
- by player's position
- based on a player's needs

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Measurement and Insights

You will have visibility into how committed every member of your team is to your program.

Follow trends and receive summaries from Opti that allow you to tailor the approach to your players.

Opti will share insights with you to understand the challenges that are holding yoru team back.

Opti App showing charts
Professional Level coaching

Opti covers all the roles from a professional sports team.

Players receive constant support on nutrition, fitness training, sleep, sports psychology, skills development, etc.

Players get a personal assistant coach in their pocket. Providing accountability along with the support needed to get through the inevitable challenges.

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Coach's Checklist ✔️

✅ Professionally Curated Programs
✅ Team Summary Reports
✅ Coach's Insights
✅ Individual Statistics
✅ Leaderboard & Streak Tracker
✅ Parent Communications
✅ Player Report Cards
✅ Playbook Access
🕙 Wearable Integration (Coming Soon)

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Photo of Carter B for Testimonial
Photo of Carter B for Testimonial